Tearing and Breaking (up the hairdressing industry)

How do I know I’m a genius?* Because sometimes the rich ripe golden fruit of my mind overflows from the basket of my work life and rolls seductively under the table of my actual life. Let me say this…It’s a veritable harvest festival of creativity in here right now.
Like take for instance the e-mail to my hairdresser Ange below. Now a lot of people think booking a haircut is a simple affair. But i’s amazing how, with just a dab of creativity, seemingly simple transactions can be transformed into complex, emotional, powerful events which entice a new mother to leave her infant child unattended for much longer than necessary.
Am I revolutionising the hairdressing industry? YES.
(this post is largely to prove that I have enough hair to still need it professionally cut)

This e-mail was sent 28.04.14
Ange, it’s getting oh so real on top of my head. A man in the street recently described me as ‘that young Phil Collins guy”
I’m pretty sure he was referring to the daring use of African Tribal Rhythm on my new concept album but he may also have been talking about my hair. (please see the attached recent pic of me for reference…and yes, that is my actual chest)
Just need to make sure there’s no further confusion, I better book in for a little snip ‘n’ shape. Can you fit me in?


p.s. wow this e-mail just took on a life of it’s own. I really should update my Blogg, my awesome creativity is spilling out everywhere.
p.p.s. I hope everything is powerfully well with you and the tiny, joyful version of you that lives in your home.
Love fogg


Incredible stuff..just incredible.


Fogging for Jamaica




*Plus my mum told me I was a genius when I was seven so suck it UP IQ testing Authority!