Wetter the better

Hold onto your dicks/vaginas because I have breaking news: Last week I went to an oceanographic conference. I know. You’re thinking, “SHIT! I knew Fogg was a capital-P-Playa but I never expected him to be living life with that kind of intensity!” Well I am. Deal with it. My...

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Twin pines

Twin Pines Desktop Leaks onto Internet

If you love as yet unfilmed sitcoms then this is the desktop for you. Situational, comic, and reproduced in it’s original hi-res 3440x1440 pixel glory, this delightful screensaver is something you’re going to want to look at behind spreadsheets for years to come. Fogg around the clock xx ...

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bill cosby inspirational quote ipad background decide that you want it mora than you are affraid of it


I realise I only use the blog to write inspirational posts about how I’m going to really get it going from NOW. I like that as a blog idea. Thankfully it’s mine. In your MIDRIFT the internet....

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