Second ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity offered to general public

Great moments arise when people are offered second chances. want proof?

1: R Kelly’s ‘in the closet’

2: Robert Downey Jnr. in Iron Man.

3: Me and a very understanding girl in the Oasis Leisure Centre changing room 1993.


In the spirit of those standout cultural moments Shaven Ape are offering you, the person reading this, a second once in a lifetime chance to see the greatest living comic of every generation.


Ben Fogg is about to drop a masterfully-conceived, boundary-pushing, nipple-hardening King-Prawn-Dhansak of a stand-up show. What’s more, he’s hooked up with Sunil ‘Killa Whale’ Patel, the comedy world’s answer to the question “Why, God? WHY?”


All you have to do is book tickets below and you can watch these two legends burn themselves into your hearts and minds like a kestrel flirting with a pornstar.


Warning: There will be Midgets.