Hey team,

I recently had the chance to rewrite an article for the Observer*. I did an amazing job.

Now it’s not for me to say that I’m definitely a ‘hard-hitting’, ‘tough-talking’, ‘hold the front page’, ‘get me a coffee!’, ‘publish and be dammed’, ‘who broke the telex machine?’ bona-fide journalist…

Just be astounded at how  I improved this article about society and make your own decision.

All she's got is the hair

All she’s got is the hair

Hey journalism? I’m coming.

Go Fogg yourself

*I have the full consent of the The Observer to do this. In fact they begged me to do it. They contacted me using electronic-mail and requested (more than once) that I help them become better people personally and also get higher ratings as a paper. So this is all above-board and legal and no one needs to ask any further questions about whether or not I really have a column (which I obviously do).