‘Nation’s funniest man’ announces gig of the century

Christmas is coming…EARLY.

Prepare yourselves for the once in a lifetime chance to see the greatest living comic of every generation. Ben Fogg deliver a technically-perfect, pant-wetting*, heart-warming, erection-inducing walrus of a stand-up show.

What’s more he’s joined in holy comedy matrimony by Tom Ward, the joke world’s answer to the question “how could my life get any better?”

Watch as these utter legends burn themselves into your hearts and minds like two sexy flamethrower making love to a volcano.

*(Bring extra pants.)



“Unique, unpredictable, and able to carry off jokes about the oddest of things…Definitely someone to look out for.” (London is Funny)



“Expert silliness and delightful chaos.” **** (One4Review)